We have a strong believe that our loans are very different from other loans offered in the United Kingdom. Because Creative Preservation logbook loans have no hidden charges and no extra fee for our service of providing the money to you. These logbook loans are the ones you need in case of emergency or if you have a bad credit score, as they are delivered to the borrower within 24 hours. But we also offer other types of loans too. Here is some detail about the type of loans that we offer, have a look at them.

Logbook Loan:

Logbook loan is one of the very safest and secure method to get the loan because these loans are given against your own registered vehicle in the United Kingdom. And you can’t sell the vehicle till your loan is not repaid back to the lender. Until your repayment, your vehicle is under the authority of lender, but you can keep it with you. These loans are highly used in the United Kingdom. Whether you have an emergency or you have a bad credit card, logbook loans always works for you and it’s completely free of any fee and there are no other hidden charges. The lenders offer money with very low interest rates so that they facilitate the customers as much as they can.

Guarantor Loans:

As the name indicates, guarantor loan is the type of loan that is given to a person with one guarantor who signs the agreement of the loan along with the borrower. This type of loan is an unsecured loan. A guarantor is the one who takes the responsibility of paying back the loan if the borrower defaults on the agreement. These types of loans are very helpful for the people who have bad credit cards or they never had a credit card.

12 Months Loan:

As the guarantor loan, 12 months loan is also a type of unsecured loan. These loans are needed in the case of emergency or with a bad credit card and this loan is urgently given to the borrower to fulfil his need. You can apply online for the Creative Preservation loans without going into very difficult and tough paper work. Simply put the information that is important and apply for the loan. Within 60 seconds, after verification of your documents, your loan will be approved and you will get your money on the same day without any problem. It is a very quick and fast process.

Payday Loans:

These loans are the type of loans that are paid for a short time. Borrowers in need of urgency take this type of loan which has some high level of interest rate. This type of loan has been charged with the fee at the time of receiving of the cash. These loans are also termed as the check advance loans or the cash advance loans as they get the cheque in advance for the money that they need. The borrowers who use payday loans are the ones with very bad credit cards or they might have some urgent situation.