How Much Do Our Loans Cost?

Creative Preservation logbook loans are aimed at fully helping the people who are in need of urgent loans in any type of situation whether it is some emergency or bad credit card. Creative preservation has always prioritized the needs of the people rather than their own benefit. The loans that are offered by the creative preservation are of four different types.

Every different loan has different cost implemented, therefore, it is necessary to discuss every type of loan differently. But one thing that is more common in every type of loan offered by creative preservation is that it is completely free and there are no hidden charges as well except the payday loans. Every other type of loan offered by creative preservation is in favor of clients so that they are not stressed further about the fee of the loans in case when they have no other option to borrow. So, here is a list of loans along with the costs that are charged for these loans.

  • Logbook Loans:

Logbook loans are the type of loans that are offered against your vehicle. Your vehicle is only a security against the money that you borrowed and you can use that vehicle too without giving it to the lender. The best advantage of this type of loan is that it is completely free of cost and there are no hidden charges for this type of loan. Moreover, the lenders are highly devoted to help the customers, therefore, there is no extra interest rate of the lender instead of the actual amount.

  • Guarantor Loans:

Guarantor loans are the same as the logbook loans as they charge no extra fee or no hidden charges for the loans. You can borrow up to £15,000 from the guarantor loans and there are no extra charges as well. This is because of the guarantor as he has taken the whole responsibility of returning the amount to the lender in case the borrower is the default.

  • 12 Month Loans:

12 month loan is the same type of loan as the logbook loan. You are offered with the 12 month loan if you want to borrow any money from the lender. This is mostly used when there is emergency condition or the bad credit card. But one interesting thing about Creative Preservation logbook loans is that they are completely free of cost. There is no extra hidden excessive fee for these loans.

  • Payday Loans:

These types of loans often charge more than the other type of loans. This is probably because of the more interest rates or other extra service charges to pay. These types of loans always have a fee along with them. But one of the major advantages of payday loans is that the lender, don’t charge any extra fee if they have repaid the money back to the lender even before the arrival of due date. Unlike other companies, our policies are highly transparent and that’s why, we don’t charge any fee or hidden charges.