Logbook loans are the type of loans you can get against your vehicle. The lender doesn’t take your vehicle from you, but he owns it till the time you don’t pay back your money. Use our logbook loan calculator and see what your weekly repayments are! If you are agreeing with these weekly payments, then apply now!

Logbook Lender Website Homepage
Logbook Lender Website Homepage

How it works?

  • Use our logbook loan calculator: it is a very simple and easy to use calculator that is specially designed for you to avoid complex calculations. You simply have to put the amount that you want to borrow. Now, enter for how long you want it. This is the time duration of your repayments. At the end, with the inclusion of interest rate, you will get your amount that you have to repay every week.
  • Apply further and Get a free quote: if you think you are able to repay the amount shown by logbook loan calculator, then you can proceed further. And you will get an instant quote from the CreativePreservation logbook loans.
  • Meet with your lender and receive money: now the CreativePreservation logbook loans will arrange a meeting between you and your lender. After agreeing to all the terms and conditions, you have to sign an agreement. If you don’t have enough time to meet the lender, no worry at all. We the Creative Preservation logbook loans are here to help you. We will send you a cheque or money in your bank account, whatever the suitable way for you.

Who needs logbook loans?

The Creative Preservation loan can be used in case of any emergency or if you have a bad credit card and there is no other way to get the money. If you have poor credit card rating, then you must not worry, it’s also for those who has a bad credit card score. These loans are given to the borrower within 24 hours after the application has been approved for further process. It is one of the perfect alternatives if you have any problem.

Why to use Creative Preservation logbook loans?

Here are some of the advantages of logbook loans that you must know before thinking about borrowing.

  • It is absolutely free service: Creative Preservation logbook loans don’t charge any kind of service fee and no other hidden charges as well. Our major aim is to deliver the money wherever you want and whenever you want. So, it is completely free of cost
  • Fast and efficient: our log book loan service is one of the very fast and efficient services that gives you your money within 24 hours of your application. Therefore, without any delay, we prefer to give you your cash within the time.
  • Reliable calculator: logbook loan calculator is designed by the highly expert people in the field. Thus, it is free of errors and it is one of the most reliable calculator that you can use without worrying about all your repayments. It is highly efficient as well.